will fucking learn to live by the choices you make, the hands you choose to let go of that don’t come back for you, and not. resent. ANYONE. no matter how little. for it. 

Let this be the most painful lesson you get. You deserve all of it. 

I Will Wait.

In 2008, I watched the Olympics as a young girl of 12 and fell in love with this man, He Chong, a  


As a young girl of 12 in 2008, I fell in love watching Beijing Olympics 2008, Men’s 3m Springboard Champion, with a man called He Chong.

Visiting Beijing later in the year, at the Water Cube, I promised him that in 4 years, I’d watch him wear his dreams on his neck again.
The hype is over. China lost their clean sweep to a Russian, who obviously is like Dmitri Sautin Jr. I don’t like seeing Qin Kai & He Chong not on the gold platform. Even worse, I don’t expect He Chong to be on the bronze platform. Seeing Qin Kai cry and watching He Chong try to muster a courageous smile is too much. It’s devastating, really. 
But all in all, I will wait. I will wait a lifetime to see this man reach his dreams. I will wait another to see China clinch their clean sweep. 
I will wait.

The Examination of Sheer Willpower.

inspiration :)

Prelim One results are out and truthfully this week has been a rather long and tough week for me! I wish it could’ve been better of course but I did learn some pretty important things this week.

I have always been able to sense people’s emotions rather acutely since young. Especially the difference between negative/positive people. And thus when I’m already negative, I cannot hang around too much with the negative people because it really gets on my nerves. It’s as if someone is feeding you negativity on a spoon with toppings. 😦 Don’t like it! I don’t always react in anger. The farthest I’ve ever gone is to snap at people but nothing more. That said, don’t ever provoke me past breaking point because I will really flare up. They say the most mellow people are the ones you shouldn’t provoke. True story, now follow the advice of the wise.

If there’s one comfort this week at all it would be kpop and Sports Leaders. I love how my Sec 2s treat me like a da jie jie (Okay ya true a lot of bullying but it’s cute) and I really miss them! Been a very fast month since our last outing and I wanna go skate with my kids again ❤ I will always be here for them, whether it’s now or the day before O’s. 🙂

Now to share my most recent obsessions! 🙂

Yes, it’s V-I-X-X VIXX! ❤ 

Oh and my forever love,


Not forgetting my loveliest of all,

At Shanghai Concert Press Conf! 🙂

Ciao for the next week or so~